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Chiseha Yuzuriha




Kanji 杠ちせ葉
Rōmaji Yuzuriha Chiseha
Hair color Pale pink
Light brown (Anime)
Eye color Pink
Brown (Anime)
Gender Female
Year Freshman/First-year/Rookie
Club Confectionery Club
Ability ????
First Appearance
Manga Music 14 (cameo)
Novel Garakuta Innocence (chapter 1; cameo)
Anime Episode 05 (cameo)

Chiseha Yuzuriha (杠ちせ葉 Yuzuriha Chiseha) is a minor character who belongs to the Confectionery Club.


Chiseha is a girl with pink hair which are tied in both sides with red ribbons. She wears a red-striped hair pin, a pink bandanna, a frilly choker, a pink shirt with red polka-dotted cuffs, a short skirt underneath a red and white frilly apron, and dark polka-dotted stockings. She also usually brings along a whisk and a platter.


  • ????

Plot Overview

Garakuta Innocence

Chiseha was introduced in a newspaper article as the one who held the seventh position on the Rookie Top 10.


  • Her surname comes from Yuzuriha Shrine (杠神社), located on Oogaki, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.



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