Tohru Kurashina




Kanji 倉科冬瑠
Rōmaji Kurashina Tohru
Hair color Dark green with light green and yellow-green streaks
Pine green (Anime)
Eye color Green
Dark green (Anime)
Gender Male
Year Freshman/First-year/Rookie
Club Natural Science Club
Ability ????
First Appearance
Manga Music 14 (cameo)
Novel Garakuta Innocence (chapter 1; cameo)
Hanafubuki Reflect (chapter 2)
Anime Episode 05 (cameo)

Tohru Kurashina (倉科冬瑠 Kurashina Touru) is a minor character who belongs to the Natural Science Club.


Tohru is a green-haired young man with light green and yellow-green streaks. He wears bandages on his neck, a yellow-green striped shirt underneath white shirt, a beige blazer with matching choker belt, and dark pants with white and yellow-green trim. He wears a dark green belt, yellow-green wristbands, and birds usually perch on his shoulders.


Tohru is a boy who holds the third position in the Rookie Top 10. He speaks in a formal tone and has a calm demeanor. He also seems to be a person who would rather seeking for truth or reasonable explanation to fight.[1]


  • ????

Plot Overview

Garakuta Innocence

Tohru was introduced in a newspaper article as the one who held the third position on the Rookie Top 10.

Hanafubuki Reflect

Tohru came to the Midterm Battle arena as he was expected to be Seisa's opponent in the preliminary. However, he didn't intend to have a fight with her, as he knew that he didn't stand a chance against her. He instead asked Seisa about the reason why she attacked Sadamatsu fiercely in her last battle, considering that they are childhood friends. Having Seisa answered his question and feeling satisfied with it, he dismissed himself from the arena, formally stepping himself down from the battle, and made Seisa win an unearned victory.


  • His surname comes from Kurashina Shrine (倉科神社), located on Kurashina, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture.



  1. ミカグラ学園組曲 VII -Hanafubuki Reflect- - Chapter 2 (World-hitting Cocking Piece)

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